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Freenters helps college students reduce their printing costs by
paying them to print ads and coupons along with their documents

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Printing is Expensive

Ten cents per copy? Ain't nobody got dimes for that!

Stop Wasting Money!

As a college student, you're spending hundreds of dollars per semester on just printing.

Whether you have a personal printer or you are using campus printers, everytime you print you are losing money that you could have spent on things you actually care about!

Make Money on Printing

Instead of losing all your money, why not make printing into a money-making activity?

Freenters lets you earn cash rewards for printing advertisements and coupons along with your documents.

Get Access to Exclusive Deals & Coupons

Ad pages often come with exclusive deals & coupons from local restaurants and national brands.

Freenters tailors these discounts to your student profile, so that every ad you receive is relevant to you!

How Freenters Works

Download the Driver

Sign up and download the Freenters driver onto your personal computer.

Print & Earn

Select the driver when printing and start $0.40 in cash for every ad-page you print.

Cash Out

Once you hit $10.00, cash out your rewards to your Paypal account.

Join the 15,000 users who have already reaped the benefits of Freenting!

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